• I had a great weekend hanging with the folks in Goodnight Blue Moon. After they recorded their basic tracks at Tarquin Studios in CT, they asked if I’d help record strings at their home. The sounds came out great, and I’m really excited to hear the final tracks!

  • This was my writing setup over the July 4th holiday. I have to say, I love this Moog Sub Phatty more and more, everyday. And through my Aguilar rig? Boom! Really fun and inspiring weekend.

  • On my to a wedding tomorrow, I remembered playing ukulele before a friend’s nuptials in Aruba a few years back. Gotta love weddings!

  • Great Elk has been writing furiously for the next record, set to track in August at the Isokon in Woodstock once again. Here I am switching between my trusty CallowHill bass and a Moog Sub Phatty! Lots of fun! You can also peep my Mono M80 case - never leave home without it.

  • I really do love this preamp. Vocals, bass, whatever. So good. #recording #tubes #avalon

  • Inspiration in the simplest of phrases: “Make good art.”

  • Tell me… #nyc #brooklyn #subway

  • This pedal makes me sound like an angry old man. #bass #fuzz #verellen #bigspider

  • Heroes

    In getting back in the mixing game, I had the opportunity to record, mix and master (and play bass on) Great Elk’s cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turned out, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!