• Idle hands + snowed-in = Thai curry, apparently.

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  • Last night I busted out the mobile rig and headed over to Bryan Bisordi’s rehearsal space to track drums for a Great Elk single. As much of a pain as it is to drag around and setup, it sounds great and was a lot of fun. Getting home, pumped with adrenaline at 4am was not as fun, but I’m really happy with the results. Now onto keyboard and guitar overdubs!

  • Interpol’s “Turn On The Bright Lights” just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. I used to listen to this record constantly, and most often during trips in and out of New York City to play music. It reminds me of the barely lit BQE, surrounded in blackness, as we weaved our way from the abyss of city. It’s still strange to me that a few years later, I’d make my home here.

    I’m just as inspired by this record now as I was then. It brings me right back to that feeling of swimming out of the dark city, trying to escape what seemed like it would swallow me up. So far, I guess it has.

  • November is a slower month than I’ve had in quite awhile. No live shows with either Measure or Great Elk. (That’s not to say I haven’t been making music. Twintapes rehearsals have been a blast. Great vibe, great songs, great sounds!)

    But aside from my normal bass duties, I’ve found myself increasingly inspired by keyboards and synth sounds. I’ve spent more time with my wurly and ms2000 in the past few weeks than I have in the past year! And the best part: new song fodder…

    More to come this winter…

  • Here’s a cool video that I did with Measure, filmed by Look Sessions, when we were on the west coast this past August. Look Sessions does a great job filming one take/one shot/one mic videos of bands in a stripped down setting. Really fun, as I got to drop the bass and play glockenspiel and sing some background parts!

  • I played with Great Elk this past Friday at The Outer Space in the New Haven/Hamden, CT area. The bar is owned by Steve Rodgers, of the band Mighty Purple, who also owns The Space, an all-ages venue I played in the Pencilgrass days. It was great to catch up with him after quite a few years. He’s really made a mark with these two venues. It was cool to play his newest venture, especially with my friends in Goodnight Blue Moon and M.T. Barrington.

  • This is from a jam session with some of my favorite people/musicians in Brooklyn, NY (Pavel Rivera, Landon Knoblock, Bryan Bisordi). I’d been looking forward to getting together with these guys since I left for the west coast. It’s become a regular forum for experimentation for all of us; whether it be with a new rhythmic/harmonic concept, new synth, drum machine, effects pedal or other toy.

    I always leave feeling both righteous or insecure, often both, as the session allows me to open up: sometimes I’m successful in execution or find something I need to work on. Either way, it’s an experience I’m happy to continue being a part of. These guys always push me to be a better musicians and player.

    Do yourself a favor and check out some of their work:

  • With LA and San Diego under my belt, I’m happy to head home and reflect on everything I’ve experienced over the last three weeks. I’ve got a handful of favorite new cities and a lot of people I can’t wait to visit again. The west coast is a pretty great place, even to this die-hard east coast boy. But now, I’m psyched to head back to Brooklyn for my favorite coffee and a slice from my neighborhood pizza joint! BK, here I come.