“Tommy is a tremendous talent, and I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with him on many award-winning audio productions. He’s an expert engineer, a careful and judicious editor, a subtle sound designer, and a talented musician. Tommy always improves upon whatever ideas I offer as a producer and director: whether improvising on the stand up bass for the soundtrack to a David Sedaris audiobook, creating the sonic signature and countdown for a podcast, or placing just the right cue to smooth a rough transition. 

Long hours recording, mixing, and mastering can wear on anyone’s nerves, but Tommy is a cool and calm presence in the studio, and he is always my first choice as a creative collaborator.”

Maja Thomas - Publishing Executive, Entrepreneur, Audio Producer
“Tommy is cool, hip, up-to-date, and knowledgeable in all aspects of music creation and production. He’s been working with super high caliber musicians, actors, narrators, and producers for decades now; and because of his experience, things sound great and they happen fast. He’s also built some of my favorite studios to work in, so he knows what’s up when it comes to sound and gear. But aside from technical skills, and my favorite quality of all, is working with someone who’s an excellent human being. His good energy and overall positive vibe makes you feel good about the work you’re doing. And this is the environment that you want to be in when you’re dealing with something as sacred as your art.” 

Pavel Rivera - musician, producer, Twintapes
“When I first heard the recording and mastering work Tommy did for my friend Kenji I was really impressed and knew that I wanted his ears working on my projects. So far he has mastered 2 or my releases and will be working on my next one as well. As a mastering engineer he offers a transparent approach that brings out the best in the music without changing it’s intent. He isn’t trying to put his stamp on the sound, but rather accentuate the best of what is already there while remaining true to the work. Tommy’s guidance doesn’t stop there. I can honestly say my work has improved on the mixing side as well. Tommy has offered some great advice that has helped shape my mixes into better recordings and by doing so I hope it has made his job of mastering my releases more pleasurable.”

Butch Parnell - solo artist, Runaway Dorothy
“Tommy is a true pro. Working with him feels fun and loose and totally productive. As an engineer, he knows when to be more involved to help hone the specific sound and also when to get out of your way to let your own ideas run free. I’ve recorded with multiple engineers and producers, and I can say with certainty that with Tommy I got my best recorded vocal performance — much of the credit is owed to Tommy’s positive vibe, great ideas and incredible skill. He is also superb at mastering, attuned to the feel of the work, and very efficient.”

Matt Singer - solo artist, Blomky!, The Big Littles
“We worked with Tommy Harron on our first few records and were met with patience and gentle guidance. He helped us cover up audio warts, or otherwise turn them funky, and turned our jangly carnival sideshow into something more enduring. 

Tommy has a good ear and is not bound to dogmatic genre-philia or fleeting modes. He is universal, a monster engineer and bassist to boot. Salve, salve, viva Tommy.”

JW - Your 33 Black Angels
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tommy on my past 4 solo albums. Either in the capacity of engineer or production. He’s always been a joy to work with and his added experience and music knowledge has lent great direction to my albums. His musical background and creative ideas have always served as an asset to me when recording new material.”

Lee - solo artist, producer, The Square Egg
“Tommy is a positive, calm, and nurturing presence in the studio. Whether working as a recording, mixing, or a mastering engineer, he knows how to bring to life the sound you are hearing, and in some cases elevate it to the next level, while doing his best to put you in an environment where you feel most creative. His passionate understanding of a vastly wide range of music and an encyclopedic knowledge of recording equipment make him an excellent engineer in the studio. 

Tommy also has an uncanny ability to retain perspective in the studio as the hours and many takes go by, and has a very thoughtful approach to provide input only when it is needed. I always feel good trusting Tommy’s directions.

Most importantly, every project I have worked on with Tommy has been a family affair. It’s nice to to be able to work with someone in a studio all day, and still have things to talk about and laugh about at the end of the day, and feel creatively excited about the work you’ve done.”

Kenji Shinagawa - solo artist, guitarist, Riley Etheridge